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Monday, January 28, 2013 0 Comments

Before you do anything, you should get pep talked by Kid President. (it's over there >)

Second, you should check out all of the pages. (they're up there^) There's a section all about me, including my profile and some of my Top 10 lists. There's my testimony, which is a pretty brief but encompassing statement of what I believe. There's a page with all of the ways you can contact me, not including messenger pigeon and Pony Express. The archive is a list of all the posts on this blog, organized by date.

If you don't check any of those out, you should definitely check out 'Helpful Links.' It has a list of a few blogs that are mission oriented (mostly sister missionary oriented, sorry Elders) and they are definitely worth your time.

I'm also on Pinterest, if you are like most Mormon girls and have one of those. If you do have one, feel free to pin things from this blog!

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