Mission Prep Notes (29 Jan)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 0 Comments

Hey y'all! (I can say that because I'm in Virginia.)

I've been attending mission prep as an institute class for the past few weeks and I've already learned so much. As I was taking notes yesterday I was thinking that maybe I could post some of the highlights from class here on the ol' blog. If they're helpful, let me know and I'll keep posting them!


Ways to prepare:
Our teacher has challenged us to do these things every week to help prepare us for a mission. I challenge you to do the same!
   1. Service
   2. Find a non-member to practice teaching the discussions to
   3. Meet someone new every day

       -The Spirit is the ultimate indicator of worthiness.
       -Best indicators of success:
             >Do you have the Spirit with you right now? Is it there when you teach?

      -Seek for the blessings of the temple for their own sake, not just to get to something else (e.g. a mission, marriage). Do not casually go through the temple.
               >This reminded me of a story that a friend told me. She's French, originally, and has lived in France on and off throughout her life, and as some of you may know, France currently does not have a temple of its own. This is the case for many countries throughout the world. Switzerland (I think) is the temple that my friend attended while in France, but attending the temple isn't just a casual thing there. The Church owns a hotel near the temple which members who do not live nearby can stay in. Families save up for years to be able to afford to go. As a large group, usually a ward or stake, families carpool the many hours to the temple and stay there all week, going to the temple every day. What would your temple experience be like if your temple was over 15 hours away?

         -When you teach, make sure you testify.
               >Bible dictionary: Faith - Faith is kindled by hearing the testimony of those who have faith (Rom. 10:14–17)
               >Alma 19: 8-9 - "I have had no witness save thy word... nevertheless I believe"
                     ~testimony leads to "I believe"
               >As you offer your witness and invite them to believe it, the Spirit will testify of its truth.
           -Personal experience invites the Spirit.
           -Ask different kinds of questions; not only ask "Do you understand?" but "What do you feel/believe/like about this?"

          Like I said, if this is something you'd like to see more of on this blog, let me know and I'll keep posting! I'm just trying to figure out what types of things to post on this blog that would be helpful to you guys. Feedback is appreciated!