16 Things About The MTC

Monday, August 26, 2013 0 Comments

I've been asked a few times about tips and things to know about the MTC. I swear I planned on writing a blog post/email all about that, but then mission life got in the way and here we are, two months later.

Better late than never, here are some tips from my companion and I about things to know about and do in the Provo MTC:

1. Buy a zip cord/clip/whatever for your blue meal card. Ask at the counter in the bookstore. Seriously. This will save your life. Do it!
2. Buy a clip for your badge. They're at the register on the counter in the bookstore.
3. Speaking of buying things at the bookstore... Stock up on materials. They are cheaper in the bookstore than in real life, I promise.
4. Speaking of materials... BUY A MINI PREACH MY GOSPEL. If you have a little time before you report, do it now. You will want it! Trust me! I have my mini PMG in my bag every single day.
5. Take a picture by the big map pointing to your mission. The map is located in 1M outside of the cafeteria. Don't worry. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get there.
6. Take a district picture, and if you can, a zone picture, during your temple walk!
7. Eat breakfast at the temple! It's SO good!
8. If you can, try to get out to the field with your district at least once during gym time. It's so amazing getting out of the MTC gates, even for .5 seconds.
9. Drink chocolate milk! It is delicious and doesn't have laxatives (hope you don't like juice...).
10. If you're adventurous, welcome the newcomers on Wednesday in a different language! You will know exactly what sort of welcome I'm talking about once you've gotten through your first day in the MTC. Even if you're English speaking, like me, just cover your badge with your hair and shout "Benvenuto!" or "Bienvenu!" or whatever language you want to everyone with an orange sticker. It is so satisfying.
11. Go through the giveaway bins in your building. Keep an eye on them throughout the week, but the best time is the night before people fly to their missions (Sunday or Monday nights) and the morning after they're gone. You can find some gems!
12. Also, check the vents and ceiling tiles. My companion found a jar of quarters and candy in the vent. Treasures!
13. Eat a sack lunch at least once. It's a good decision!
14. Don't forget about the vendors that have carts randomly out on the main campus. There's Subway sandwiches and water and soda and juice and cookies and chips and guess what? It's free!
15. On Sunday night, GO WATCH A TALK. I managed to catch an Elder Holland talk given in the MTC last Thanksgiving that literally changed my life.
16. *Cheese alert*: Give it your whole heart! I know you've heard it a million times, but the MTC is what you make of it. If you are willing to be humbled every day and struggle through your challenges, you will be blessed so much and feel the Spirit so often.

I love you all! Keep being the best you that you can be. Missions are a blessing to everyone involved!

P. S. Caffeine free Dr. Pepper in the bookstore. It's like heaven in your mouth.