Mission Prep Notes (5 Feb)

Wednesday, February 06, 2013 0 Comments

Yesterday in Mission Prep we had a cool opportunity to watch the Elders at work. We had two class members act as investigators and the Elders taught them the first discussion while we took notes. It's one of those things where you really had to be there in order to get something out of it, but I'll share my notes anyway.


-Make sure you lay out how it will work/what will be expected from the investigator (pray, read scriptures, go to church)
-Turn to the scriptures whenever possible to answer questions
      >have the investigator read whenever possible
-Reassure them that you won't rush them
      >they've let you into their home... Be nice!
-Be aware of your vocabulary. Make sure to describe things... "the Gospel", etc. and remember that you don't have to get into everything all at once.
-Call them by name! It makes them feel that you really care about them.
-Try to relate it to them. Use their personal to illustrate points you are teaching.
      >e.g. If they play a sport, use what you know about that sport to teach something, so that they can relate.
-Teach like Christ. Illustrate truths with metaphors, stories, etc.
-Invite the Spirit, then draw attention to it. Point it out.
-Couple testimony with scripture, truth with simplicity.
-End with a specific, clear challenge.