Sis Mish Outfit

Sunday, February 17, 2013 , 0 Comments

Over Christmas break my mum, 11 year old sister and I were at TGI Friday's. We were playing a game where we tried to match family members and friends with an animal.
I asked my mom what animal I was.

She said a chipmunk.

I guess I am kinda cute. ;)

Anyway, I've always sort of wanted to be one of those fashion bloggers that people hate/love because they always have new, cute clothes, and they're always so put together, and they have a million pictures to choose from for their Facebook profile. While I don't think that'll be happening to me anytime soon, I do think that  I could share some sister missionary outfits that I come up with before I leave.

I'll take it a step at a time to tell you about each part of the outfit.

Yeah! Sister missionary fasshhunnnn, all taken with my clunky old camera by myself.

The skirt is from Goodwill, so I spent maybe $3 on it. It's a polyester/wool blend, so a good autumn/winter item if you live/serve somewhere that has seasons. It hits about mid-calf, which makes my legs look stumpy but it's okay because it's mission appropriate to have stumpy legs. The tights are Calvin Klein, stolen from my mom (read: free stuff!). I still don't think she knows that I took them. The belt is vintage from my mom's closet, as well.

The number one reason that I love this skirt, though, is:


Pockets are cool and also really useful if you're wearing a skirt for an entire day, which is basically what sister missionaries do.

Shirt is from a friend of mine (FREE STUFF!). The brand is Un Chose Favorite, but I'm thinking that it's Japanese, seeing as my friend is Japanese and a lot of her clothing is Japanese. The cardigan is from probably five years ago. I think I bought it at Target?

Shoes are from an old roommate (FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE STUFF). They're Candie's brand. Boys are fascinated by them because of the clear plastic sections and the fact that they are bright red. Maybe not a selling point for a future sister missionary, but a nice fact.

The moral of this story:
You don't need to break the bank to go on a mission. I spent maybe $20 total on this outfit, and that's counting the cardigan at around $15 because it was new at the time. I got 2/3 of this outfit for free.

Another moral of this story is: don't be afraid of Goodwill. Or DI. Or any thrift shop nearby. You might think that it's full of old lady clothing with pit stains, and you're right. But if you know how to look, you can find really excellent quality clothing that just needs a wash to get rid of the mothball smell and it'll be golden. And it's usually less than $5 for any single thing. Once I found a Christian Dior shirt at my small-town Goodwill. Just sayin'. (Didn't buy it because it was a size 12XXXL, but that's a different story.)

So, get creative! Go on a Goodwill shopping spree! I can guarantee it's one of the better places to look if you want cheap clothing that isn't from China. Although China is great.

Love you, China.