Sister Lucile Rust

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Sister Rust!

Sister Rust is originally from Layton, Utah,  and is a sophomore at Utah State University, studying commercial music. She grew up on a small ranch taking care of thoroughbred racehorses. She's the youngest of five siblings. She loves to be outside, play board and card games, and watch all sorts of British television.

And you know what else is cool? She's headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma, reporting to the Provo MTC on June 19th.

Did the announcement (given by Pres. Monson in general conference) affect your decision to serve a mission? 
I had already decided before President Monson's announcement that if I got the chance, I needed to serve a mission.

Why did you decide to serve?
When I was 15, I was impressed by the spirit that if I ever was given the chance to serve a mission, I needed to go. It wasn't really a big deal at the time because I had another 6 years before I would even be eligible to serve... or at least that's what I thought. When the announcement came last October, it was definitely a surprise, but my mind was already made up. It wasn't a question of whether or not I would go. It was a matter of when.

How have you prepared so far?
I've become great friends with several of the RMs in my YSA ward. They got back from missions last summer and they love to share stories about their missions. They have been a great resource and support as I've been getting ready to go on my mission. I've also been studying Preach My Gospel, especially chapter 3, taking mission prep classes, and I'm teaching a sunday school class. I've always had a hard time teaching the gospel, so the opportunity to teach before my mission has been a great help. In preparation to go to the temple, my mom told me to read "Eve and the choice made in Eden" by Beverly Campbell. It has given me a deep rooted respect and love for Eve. I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Best advice you've received?
One of my wonderful RM neighbors told me that you can study and prepare and plan all you want for your mission, but it's still going to be different than what you expect. Just go in with faith, courage, and a resolution to be obedient, and you'll be fine.

Favorite missionary quote?
A scripture that hit me hard was DC 39: 7-13. (I put my own name in verse 7) it really applied to me and my situation and made it clear that yes, I was supposed to go on a mission.
7 - And now, behold, I say unto you, my servant James, I have looked upon thy works and I know thee.
8 - And verily I say unto thee, thine heart is now right before me at this time; and, behold, I have bestowed great blessings upon thy head;
9 - Nevertheless, thou hast seen great sorrow, for thou hast rejected me many times because of pride and the cares of the world.
10 - But, behold, the days of thy deliverance are come, if thou wilt hearken to my voice, which saith unto thee: Arise and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on my name, and you shall receive my Spirit, and a blessing so great as you never have known.
11 - And if thou do this, I have prepared thee for a greater work. Thou shalt preach the fulness of my gospel, which I have sent forth in these last days, the covenant which I have sent forth to recover my people, which are of the house of Israel.
12 - And it shall come to pass that power shall rest upon thee; thou shalt have great faith, and I will be with thee and go before thy face.
13 - Thou art called to labor in my vineyard, and to build up my church, and to bring forth Zion, that it may rejoice upon the hills and flourish.

Tips on staying positive while preparing? 
Hmmmm... I guess that remembering that my Heavenly Father trusts me and believes in me has helped me to stay positive. Satan has definitely been working on me since I've received my call, but I know that my Heavenly Father is aware of me, and is right there to help.

What advice would you give to those preparing to serve a mission? 
Remember that this work isn't about you and what you want. This is The Lord's work, and it's about what he needs. We send in our papers with the understanding that we'll go where he wants us to go. No exceptions. (I've got a whole story about that. If you want me to, let me know and I'd be happy to share that too.)

How long did it take you to complete your paperwork?
I started my papers in early January, they were submitted on February 10th, and my call arrived on the 20th. It all happened very fast. I didn't think it would arrive until the beginning of March!

 5 cool facts about your mission:
1- Two words. TORNADO ALLEY!! Joplin is in my mission, so we do get tornados. Big ones.
2- My mission is over 400 miles across. (That's 5 hours in the car. Transfer days are gonna be a BLAST!)
3- My mission includes parts of 4 states- Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas
4- The Duggars from the TV show 19 Kids and Counting apparently live in my mission! I am determined to find them and teach them about eternal families!!
5- Oklahoma is FLAT. Which means lots of clear blue skies and- those of you in the Salt Lake and Cache valleys will appreciate this- NO INVERSIONS.

5 things you'll miss about home: 
1- My family of course. I'm the youngest of 5 kids, and we are all very close, so I'll miss talking to them all the time and playing with my nieces and nephews.
2- My piano. I've been playing piano for 15 years, I'm pursuing a degree in commercial music, so not having a piano readily available to play will be hard. But I know that if I make that sacrifice for 18 months, then the Lord will make up that time when I get back.
3- The mountains. I was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley, and then when I moved to Cache Valley to go to college (Go Aggies!) I've been surrounded by mountains my whole life! It'll be so weird to go somewhere that is so flat!
4- Pants. Just pants. I don't mind skirts, but if I have to choose between one or the other, I'm gonna choose pants.
5- My friends... but then... so many of them are either already on missions or getting ready to go, so it won't be so bad. I know we're all going to be out working together in The Lord's vineyard, so I look forward to when we all can be reunited like Alma and the Sons of Mosiah were after their missions were done.