Finals Week, and Thank You

Sunday, April 21, 2013 , , 0 Comments

Hey. Yeah, I know. I changed it up a bit. Don't panic.

Also, I know that it's been a week since I last wrote anything. Sorry about that. This last week was the final week of classes (for my whole undergraduate career!) and this coming week is finals week, so I can't guarantee that I'll have anything to say for another week or so.

However, I did want to share my experience today giving my going away talk of sorts during my YSA ward's sacrament meeting.

The first counselor in the bishopric Facebook messaged me on Wednesday and asked me to give a talk on church service, more specifically on what that will mean to me as a full-time missionary.


I'm not real big on public speaking, but I love being able to talk about missionary work anywhere I can fit it in. It was a chance for me to bear my testimony one last time at school and also to share something that is quickly becoming my life.

(You can download the talk >here<, or view it >here<.)

I found myself going back to the talks that I've covered on this blog for quotes, and realized just how grateful I am for the opportunity I've had to blog about the experience of preparing for a mission. Although in a few short months it'll be One Year, Six Months, Forever: Sister B Takes over Carlsbad, until then I am grateful to be here with you, still preparing, still trying to be my best for myself and for those in Carlsbad who need me.

So, thank you. Thanks for reading, thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know that I'm not alone. Thanks to the sisters like Hipster RM and Sister Diedrich in Berlin whose mission stories keep me focused and upbeat. Thanks to all of you sisters who helped me celebrate Missionary March; many of you are now gone out into the field to labor.

Thank you for making OYSMF worth it! Your support is absolutely vital for me and for this blog.

You are all beautiful, intelligent, and worthy daughters of God, and together, I truly believe that we can change the world.

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