California Sister Fashion (Pt. 1)

Saturday, May 11, 2013 , 2 Comments

Hey y'all! As my MTC report date draws closer (39 days!) I'm finally starting to pull together the contents of my still-not-purchased luggage, and I thought I might want to make up some outfits to see what else I need to get. Then I decided "hey, wait, I can make a blog post out of this!" I've been collecting most of this over months and months, and had it before I even had my call.

So, without further ado, here are the bare bones of some mission outfits I'll be taking with me to Southern California.


Adidas. Bought at Costco: $40

Born. Bought online (Dodd's Shoe Co.): $66 (incl. s/h)

? (gift from a friend. Bought in Scotland.)

Anne Klein. Bought at DSW: $40.


Bree brand. Vintage. Bought online (eBay) for $55. Full leather outer, fabric inner. Dimensions: 14.5" wide, 11" tall.

 I love it because of the organizer on the front flap and in the pocket behind it, and the fact that there's so much space. Preach My Gospel fits snugly inside, and so do my scriptures, even when they're in their case! There are three main compartments, with lots of extra zippered pockets. There's also a nice big, zippered pocket in the back. I think it's going to be a great mission bag! (We were specifically asked not to have backpacks in my mission, so I got a crossbody bag.)


 I'm still dealing with allergies and didn't feel like putting makeup on. So, if I look sick, that's probably because I am.

The "Hi, President!"

Dress: ASOS. $43. (no s/h)
Belt: Came with an ASOS dress I bought a while ago.

Blazer: Goodwill! aka the thrift store.  $4.

The "Let's go tracting!"

Top: My momma's closet. :)
Skirt: Anthropologie. $20.

The "Mixing Prints"

Skirt: Goodwill. $2.
Top: GAP. From a friend.

The "California Vintage"

Dress: Boden. $40.

The "Exerciser-sister"

Shirt: Uh... I was a wrestler in college. For a semester.
Pants: Costco. $12. (Champion brand.)

The "I love P-days!"

Shirt: Goodwill. $2.
Jeans: Kohl's. $40. (Levi's brand.)


  1. Super cute! How did you manage to swing the skirt from Anthro for only 20 bucks? I'm impressed!

    1. Katie- thanks! Honestly, I just kept reaaallly close tabs on the 'sale' section of the website. I waited around for months, and eventually the skirt dropped from $40 to $20. Luckily, they still had it in my size.