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It's me, here at the MTC, actually alive. It's a miracle, I know.

I wish I could tell you about every little thing that has happened since I got here last week, but there is just not enough time in the day to explain it. So, I'll try and cover the basics.

I reported at 12:30pm on Wednesday and was herded through a bunch of lines (after dropping off my luggage in my room). We went and got my tags and my books and my meal card, then I met with my district.

Our district is basically our class (yes, there's class here, and a LOT of it) of 10-ish people. Me and my two companions are the only sisters in the district, then there are three sets of elders. I seriously love love love my district. We've all grown incredibly close over the past week or so. It almost makes me not want to leave!

Every day here is spiritually exhausting. We spend hours of time in class, learning how to preach the Gospel and the importance of missionary work, then even more hours doing study both on our own, with our companions, and even within the district. Luckily, we get some gym time every other day to let loose and go play sports and things as a district.

We were so blessed to be able to go to the Worldwide Leadership Broadcast on Sunday night. It was seriously incredible. We all thought that there were going to be huge announcements, and so although the announcements that were made sort of paled in comparison, they're still a huge deal. Giving church building tours and doing proselyting online is super awesome. Right up my alley. ;)

I've seen so many people here that I know, which surprised me. I had no idea that I had so many connections to the MTC!

We also got to go to the Tuesday night devotional last night with Janice Kapp Perry, who is awesome. Her husband is absolutely adorable. I loooveedddd being able to sing a new medley of Army of Helaman and the three new missionary verses of As Sisters in Zion.

I guess you probably want to hear about some spiritual experiences, but honestly I'm having a hard time picking just one out. The awesome, and tiring, thing about the MTC is that you are pushing every day for every moment to be a spiritual experience. We have fun, of course, but so much of the day is dedicated to feeling the Spirit that if you don't feel it, you're probably in trouble.

Oh! I guess I should tell you about my companions. Yes, we are a trio. Sister Cavaretta, Sister Farr and I are very different people, yet somehow we manage to get along really well. Sometimes it requires boldness or awkward moments while we talk about what's going on, but when we strive to always have the Spirit, it always gets worked out.

So, there were around 150 new mission presidents and their wives on the MTC campus this week for training, and the Carlsbad California mission president was one of them! We got the super awesome opportunity to meet with President and Sister Kendrick, and can I just say, they are AWESOME. Seriously, I can't wait to get out into the field and work with them! We also met some of the other people outside of our district going to Carlsbad, which was cool as well. President Kendrick is a very spiritual, cerebral man who still knows when it's time to joke around, and Sister Kendrick is so caring and interested in our well-being as missionaries. I know that there's a reason that all of us have been called to serve in the same place at the same time.

My district leaves for Carlsbad next Tuesday at 4:30am.

Until next time,

Sister B