The Short of It

Saturday, July 20, 2013 0 Comments

really need to get better at budgeting my email time!
Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.
This week, I will admit, has been hard. We've had a lot of dropped appointments and a lot of stagnation, which is hard compared to the success of last week. I promise, though, that I am working on my diligence and trying to stay excited about this wonderful work. All we do, all day, is meet with people! I love getting to know the people here in French Valley and helping them draw closer to Jesus Christ.
So, minor drama: I had to give an infamous last-second talk in church on Sunday! We got a call at 8:15 asking us to fill in for two speakers who had cancelled last minute. I had 45 minutes to prepare, which is a lot more than some missionaries, I'm sure, but I was panicking so much! The Spirit really helped me out, though. I know that most of the words I said weren't my own, and I'm so grateful for it. People told me that it was good, so I hope they weren't lying!
Anyway, we keep finding young people! We just met a 13 year old girl yesterday who took a Book of Mormon and was interested in hearing about the church, then her 11 year old brother pulled up on a scooter and took a Book of Mormon, too! It's SO COOL. I love finding new potential investigators!

Me with Cambria, the little girl in the family we live with.

Also, I'm going on my first exchange starting tonight. I'm going down to Oceanside, and I am SUPER nervous! It'll be my first time out in the field without Sister Saxton. But I know it'll be great! And maybe it's just what I need to find that strength to be diligent.

Throwback to my first day in California with my first California burrito. It was so good!

Love you all! Thanks for your love, support, and prayers! I am so happy to be a missionary, even if every day I am doing something hard or uncomfortable and some days feel like a literal eternity. I know that the more I work, the better it will get!
Sister B