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Hello friends and family!
A lot has happened this week, actually. When you're in the middle of a day it feels like you've been awake for three months straight and nothing has happened, but when you sit down to write an email you keep having moments where you think, "wait, did that really happen this week? Dang, a lot has been going on!"

Me with my MTC companions! We had a training follow-up meeting where our MTC district all got to see each other. I loved it!
First things first.
First exchange, complete! Whew! I admit, I was pretty stressed at the thought of leaving my trainer and going down to Oceanside with a stranger, but it was actually a great experience for me. The weather is a lot more breezy and pleasant in Oceanside, for starters, so walking around outside wasn't half as murderous as walking around in Temecula. I love Temecula, it can just get SO HOT sometimes.
Anyway, I was able to learn a lot from Sister Jones, the sister training leader for our companionship, and it was nice to finally have a comparison point to see what our companionship is doing well and what we can improve on. I was a little mad that I missed a lot of lessons (dang it!) with people that I haven't met yet, but I know that it's not a big deal. I still have 9 weeks of training to do here in French Valley! Plenty of time to meet them all.
Me with Sister Jones, the sister training leader, after exchanges.
During exchanges, the assistants to the president called and left a voicemail which I listened to when we returned to our areas.
Our area is getting split!
We have a lot of missionaries coming in next transfer, and there is a lot of work to do in French Valley, so President Kendrick decided to give us the reins on splitting our own area. It was so hard! We had to let go of a lot of investigators, ward members, and recent converts that we love, but we know it is all a part of the Lord's plan. So, come next transfer (about three weeks from now) our ward will have two sets of missionaries! We aren't sure if they're elders or sisters yet, but we know that whoever it is, they're just what the ward needs.
One of the investigators we'll be losing is Victor, who I think I mentioned in an earlier email. He's been investigating the church for 15 years, now. His wife and kids are all members, and his in-laws, who live with them. Sister Saxton and I were really upset about it, but we were determined to at least set up a soft baptismal date with him before we handed him over to the other missionaries.
We had a lesson with him on Sunday afternoon, right after church. President and Sister Kendrick, who are so awesome, told the entire mission that they'd be willing to come to teaching appointments with any companionship at nearly any time, as long as the appointment was really solid. We took them up on the offer and had them come to Victor's house with us on Sunday.
We read through verses in Alma 5 that Sister Saxton and I had picked out the night before, and all of us bore testimony to Victor about faith, repentance, and eternal families. I invited him to be baptized on July 27th, which was almost a joke, and he said YES!
I've never been so happy about anything in my life!
So, this week is a lot about preparing for Victor's baptism. I can't wait! I'll send pictures in next week's email.
Anyway, gotta scram! Love you all.
Sister B