Monday, August 12, 2013 0 Comments


I have 0 minutes to write you today!

Well, I have a little more than that, but it feels like zero.

I'm going to level with you for a second: this week has been very hard, maybe even the hardest week yet. We're still struggling to find new investigators to teach and I've been hit with the homesickness bug. It's crazy how much not-crying I've done.

I can't say this enough: Thank you thank you thank you for your support! There's no way I'd be able to do this without all of you.

And can you believe it? I've finished my first transfer (or 6 weeks)! On Tuesday, a fresh batch of greenies will be coming in and I will no longer be the youngest of the babies! It's an exciting, and also terrifying, thought.

On the 19th I'll be celebrating my 2-month anniversary of being a missionary, probably with Ben and Jerry's ice cream and a lot of missionary things to do. These past two months have flown by. I just know that I'm going to blink and I'll be going home.

One of our favorite families, the Palos, are moving to Wyoming for a few months! We helped them pack up the rest of their things and said goodbye to baby Rees, the chubbiest baby in the whole world. I sure will miss them!

Collin, the nine year old in the family that we live with, loves WWE wrestling. Who knows why. But he has a bunch of wrestler toys, and one day, they decided to host a WWE dance class. Sister Saxton and I were lucky to witness the event and take some pictures. And then Collin came down and found them. ;)

Our district picture (plus our zone leaders)! only took us 6 weeks to get one. :) We have a lot of goofballs, obviously, but I love it.
Love you all! Thanks for the mail and the emails!

Te quiero mucho (that's probably terrible Spanish, I'm sorry),
Sister B

P.S. Next time you send me a letter, you should print out your favorite talk and send it to me. I'm trying to start a collection!