Stressin' and Other Missionary Things

Tuesday, August 06, 2013 0 Comments

(Hi there, this is your friendly neighborhood post-er. I had some internet inconsistencies which prevented me from posting Sister B.'s previous message until today so before you read this one, make sure you've checked out the last one!)

Hey y'all.

My life this week:

-rode a triceratops

-said 'adios' to a soon-to-be sister-friend in the Colorado Denver South mission

-had a PJs party with Cambria and Dash the dog
-saw a MexiCali low-rider truck
-tried not to have any wardrobe malfunctions. mildly successful.
I miss being able to Google things and eating in the car, and sometimes I have days (as does every missionary, I promise you) when I wish I could be "normal" again. But really, being a missionary is an incredible experience, and I wouldn't give it up for the world.

I get to say one billion prayers every day and read old conference talks when I'm bummed about something. I get to sing to MoTab and Vocal Point Christmas covers as we drive. I get to stand twelve feet away and back my companion whenever she has to reverse the car.

I get to correct teenage boys when they ask me if I'm nineteen years old. I get to stress out about things like "do we have a dinner appointment for Friday?" and "what if we have to drop this investigator?" I get to wear a skirt every single day of my life.

But the best thing of all?

I get to talk about Jesus Christ every single day. I get to witness changes of heart and mind. I get to see the joy of families united as members in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I get to meet people who are seeking for something that I can give to them: the message that God loves them, and has a plan for them to return to live with Him. I get to hear newly-baptized members share their testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how our Heavenly Father has blessed them.

Is there a greater work than this?

No way. Never.

I had the opportunity to share my testimony to our ward in sacrament meeting yesterday, but for all of you who weren't able to make it (all of you, I'm assuming), I want you to know how fervently I believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ's suffering in Gethsemane. This church that I represent is the same church that He established during his earthly ministry, and the priesthood, the power to act in God's name, is that same power that He used to perform miracles.

He loves you, and I love you too. I pray for you every day. Think about those billion prayers I say every day--in the car, in the house, before studies, after studies, in my heart, out loud--and know that you're a part of all of them.

Thank you for your support! Some days, the only reason I keep on truckin' is because I know that people are depending on me in California and cheering for me back home.

You are the best! Now go out and be missionaries! The Gospel is too good not to be shared. :)


Sister B