A Happy Hanukkah Week

Tuesday, December 03, 2013 0 Comments

Happy Hanukkah! I have a lovely little makeshift paper menorah this Hanukkah, thanks to my sister-friend Sister Redner, and last night I put on the fifth happy candle on the menorah. L'chaim!

I already talked about Thanksgiving last email, although it didn't actually happen until Thursday.

And what a happy Thanksgiving we had.

Turkey, cranberry sauce, pie, and close-to-explosion tummies were experienced by all. We had two Thanksgiving feasts, thanks to the generous members of our ward.

We also had the opportunity to visit some old folks in a nearby life care center. I got to (yet again) sing out while everybody in the hall listened as a I struggled with the high notes, but overall it was still a good experience. Hopefully we brightened at least one person's Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving with the Fosters (and the Assistants)!
Last Monday we finally got a heater! You may not think that Southern California gets all that chilly (it doesn't) but the nights are still pretty cold when you don't have a heater. Before the appearance of the space heater, we resorted to the old fashioned method of oven-roasting our feet during companionship study.

In other news, the work is hastening! We've had wonderful experiences with investigators and less-active members. We also had the really cool opportunity to join a small fireside group of recently returned and prospective missionaries from our YSA ward, where we talked about hastening the work of salvation. It all comes down to just inviting! The outcome is out of your control; the invitation is what's expected, not the acceptance of an invitation.

As Christmas quickly approaches, we need to remember the invitation that Elder Ballard extended during October general conference: invite someone between now and Christmas. If we do, we will see miracles! It doesn't need to be an invitation to talk to the missionaries or even come to church. Sometimes it's as simple as "hey, you should check out mormon.org!" or posting a Mormon Message on someone's Facebook wall.

(If you want a good one to share, here's one about remembering Christ during Christmas: http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=2874125972001)

I know that if we all find the courage to share something about our church with others, we will spread knowledge and awareness, as well as the joy of the Gospel and the healing love of Jesus Christ. We, as well as our friends, family, and coworkers, have everything to gain from the message our church shares.

I love you all! I hope your Hanukkah week is blissful and you can recover quickly from all of the leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

Toasty toes!
Sister B