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I did such a great job of hiding my birthday this year! But now it's long past and I can reveal my big secret. I'm 22! Practically a grandma, I know. ;)

Other than that, my week has actually been pretty uneventful. The Christmas season is beginning, which is exciting because it means Christmas decorations and early gifts of chocolate and goodies. We hardly have to do any food shopping this week because we've been given so much already!

 Christmas wouldn't be complete without Twilight ornaments on your tree...

Decorating other people's houses is my favorite!
We've had some rough patches this week, with investigators abruptly dropping us and difficulties getting in touch with less-active members, but I feel that it is just the Lord preparing this area for some wonderful miracles.

As I come up on my 6 month mark, I find myself reflecting on just how crazy the last six months of my life have been. Who ever would have guessed that I would serve a mission? Or that I would be the person that I am today, at this moment? How different that person is from the girl who entered the MTC almost 6 months ago, scared out of her brains.

Holla. We're the Mormons.

 My first In N' Out experience! Animal style is the way to go, ladies and gents.
I love the area that I'm serving in and the people that I'm meeting during my missionary service. I wouldn't trade these last six months, difficult times and all, for anything! This time warp of a mission is making me the person that God sees in me, and that's all I could want.

So, happy holidays, everyone. Jesus loves you a whole lot more than I can, but I do love you. I love that you read these emails 50% full of a 22 year old's drivel. I love it when you send letters or emails back, encouraging me to keep going. I love knowing that we are all able to unite in the spirit of missionary work, and I hope that, if anything, these past six months of emails have gotten you excited about sharing the gospel and strengthening the members around you.

Well, I'm off to the post office to buy some cool stamps! Never forget the reason for the season. :)

Sister B