Monday, January 13, 2014 0 Comments

I love looking at the little weekly forecast section of my Missionary Portal site. 

72. Sunny. 69. Sunny. 76. Sunny. 75. Sunny.

That's been my life for about two weeks and counting. We've barely had even California's version of winter (mid-50s, rainy). I'm going to be so spoiled when I go home.

The work is finally picking up here in Vista. We're teaching more people and still working on finding more. I know they're out there! Sister Lemon and I are determined to find everyone that needs to be found.

I'm still not out of my listening-to-The-Killers-while-emailing phase (it's totally kosher) nor my eat-things-right-before-bed phase. In a lot of ways, I'm still just a kid. I get cranky when I can't eat on Fast Sunday (just ask our YSA ward about yesterday). I say stupid things all the time. I still have a crush on Tintin. I will always eat brownies if they're in front of me. I can't keep myself awake past 9:45 at night.

 GIANT Reese's cups. 
 But I'm also up to my eyeballs in missionary work, and it's fantastic. I feel weird when I go to the YSA ward and people are sending Snapchats or checking Instagram/Facebook. I don't mind wearing skirts and dresses every single day. I'm never without my little black badge. General Conference weekend is better than Superbowl Sunday (or 24 hours straight of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air re-runs. Side note: rest in peace, Uncle Phil).

 Sister Lemon, Alondra and I. We love you, Alondra!
I may not have my brain all together, but what I do have together is focused on teaching people about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I still struggle, sure. I don't always want to be obedient. I don't always know what to do next. I don't always have the answers. But I'm just doing what I do because I'm a missionary. My whole soul, body and spirit, is dedicated to that. I may not do it right all of the time, but I sure am trying.

And that's all that God really asks of us. He doesn't ask us to perform perfectly the part we've been asked to play. He knows we're going to mess up sometimes. Failing is a part of eventually becoming. We are all here on the earth to mess up and fail. Funny, isn't it? That failing is actually a part of the plan?

But it is, and God wants us to know that. We are never too far gone for His son, Jesus Christ, to bring us back. If anything, I've gained such a testimony of that during my six and a half months as a missionary. I'm not perfect, and that's okay.

I love you all! I know I say it every time, but thank you so much for your support. Being a missionary is so hard, but so worth it. I couldn't do it without you!

Thank you!

Sister B

P. S. Oh. And this just made us laugh. Found this on the board outside of the mission office. Looks like Sugar Chubs won't be getting their postcard from China this week.