Happy December! (12/16)

Monday, January 13, 2014 0 Comments

I'm writing you today from balmy, mid-70s California. Happy December! ;)

I'm also writing you in between sneezes, because some sickness came in yesterday and attacked me. It's probably just a cold, but "just a cold" to a missionary, especially on preparation day (aka the one day a week we have to go shopping, take naps, etc) is the ABSOLUTE WORST.

Don't fret! I'm still going to make it as wonderful a day as possible.

This week has actually not been the best week in the entire world, but I think I've figured out why. 

(Okay, I'm the one on the end, shrouded in shadow. Maybe that's symbolic. Who knows.) The reason: the Palos were sealed on Saturday! Never have I been happier to attend the temple. I think that Satan tried to make the days before Saturday as miserable as possible, in hopes that I wouldn't want to go to the temple. And man, he almost won, too. But there's no feeling like being inside of the temple, watching a family you love be sealed together as a forever family. 

It was a beautiful day to be alive. I got to see Sister Grover and her companion and of course, my favorite baby Rees. :) And we had In N' Out after, which wasn't a bad deal at all.

I've also found creative ways to celebrate Christmas, including decorating ice cream cones with green frosting. 

My teeny tree almost won the contest, too!This week, I'm looking forward to the mission Christmas devotional/transfer meeting. Our beloved Sister Halling is leaving us for the great mission in the sky (aka freezing cold Michigan) and Sister Lemon and I are holding down the forts for another transfer here in Vista. We're not sure if we'll be getting another companion or if we will both still be in our family and YSA wards, but we'll see!

Just a heads up: no email next week! We get a mini p-day on Monday for shopping and laundry, and then have Christmas day to Skype family and hang out. 

Until next time,
Sister B