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Happy Valentine's-Day-candy-is-on-sale Week!

This week has been full of adventures (and exchanges). I got to hang out with Sister R, a sister-friend who actually found my missionary blog and emailed me before she came on the mission. It was awesome to go on exchanges with her! She just got to the mission a few weeks ago and is having oh-so-much fun.

A random post-district meeting photo with two stellar missionaries, Sister Danielson and Elder Smith (the awkward zone leader on the end).
Sister Mortensen and I celebrated Valentine's Day with birthday brownies and a lot of extra chocolate. It was your typical lonely missionary pity party, brownies courtesy of some loving members. If you're EVER looking to give away brownies, ship them to this sister.

Happy V-Day Brownies!

 We were heart-attacked! How precious is that??
As far as the work goes, we are trying really hard to find new investigators, especially for our YSA ward. It's strange, but there are a lot more guys than girls in our particular ward, and it seems like the elders always have four investigators while we have one. If you know any non-LDS girls in the Carlsbad area, TALK TO THEM ABOUT THE CHURCH. And ask if they want to hang out with some super awesome sister missionaries. ;)

One thing I've learned this week is about truly being a servant of God. I have seen God work through me so much this week, and it's been incredible. Even simple things like dinner messages can end up being answers to prayers, and knowing that I was able to represent Christ in someone's home and help them draw closer to God makes all of my struggles with this mission worth it.

So if you're receiving promptings, little thoughts to drop a line to an old friend or invite the clerk at 7-11 to check out Mormon.org, DO IT. You could very well be answering a prayer.

I love you! Thanks for all that you do to help me and, more importantly, to help those around you.

Sister B

P.S. If you live "back East" (that's what everyone says here when referring to the East Coast, even if they've never lived in/been to the East) then I'm sorry that you keep getting piles and piles of snow.

Here's how one Californian dealt with snow:

"When I was at BYU, I hated the cold. I insisted on wearing bermudas all winter. I just ignored my cold legs."

So there you have it. Just pretend like you're here in SoCal (where it is currently around 73 degrees) and eventually the cold will just go away. ;)

You know. Just taking a break on a fire hydrant. Loving the SoCal life.