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Here's the news:
California is still warm and sunny. I am still trying to stop being a schmuck and start being a stellar missionary. (Turns out it's a daily effort. Who knew?) The sound of preteens hawking their Girl Scout cookies fills the air. 

I have four boxes in my house.

Um, heyo! Exchanges with my mission madre/trainer! <3
And my very last exchange of the transfer, with Sister L-L. We ended with a bang, that's for sure! :)

Escondido, CA. Aka my mission is beautiful.
We witness miracles daily. Like the miracle of approaching a group of three guys in their early twenties, blasting rap from a parked car and leaning against it, drinking beers. But we are missionaries, so we said "crap, here we go" and we talked to them. We told them our message and gave them pamphlets about the Plan of Salvation with our numbers on the back. A few hours later, an unknown number called us. Then called us again. Three times in a row until we answered. 

Turns out one of those guys actually wanted to hear our message. He gave us his address and asked if we could come over and teach him more about God. Help him know more about what he first learned in the Catholic church as a kid.

That's a miracle.

What's also a miracle is the Zone Conference that we had on Friday. The leaders of my mission are truly inspired. I found that out first-hand as I went from having a stressful, no-good Friday morning to a humbling midday to a spirit-filled afternoon. I felt as if President Kendrick had written down all of my concerns as a person and as a missionary and had based the whole conference on those things.

The next miracle: we get to attend the San Diego temple this week! Mission temple trips are the most exciting events of the transfer. We are so blessed to have a temple nearby and to have the opportunity to visit as missionaries. I can't wait until Wednesday!

God is continually blessing all of us! I've never been more aware of that than as a missionary. We witness miracles every single day. We don't need to be worthy to receive blessings. We are all God's children; he loves us. He blesses us no matter what. What changes is not the amount of blessings we receive or the amount of miracles that occur in our lives, but our perspective.

It's up to us to keep our eyes open to those blessings and miracles! Because if God can love me, despite all of my mistakes and shortcomings, He can sure love you despite yours.

I love ya! Always and forever.

Sister B

 I'm collecting doormat pictures now.