Adventures of a Professional Weenie (2/3)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 0 Comments


There was a lizard in our apartment this week.

It was a few hours before our transfer meeting. Sister Lemon was giving the apartment one last once-over before we took all of her things out to the car. I went into the bathroom to wash my hands, came back out, and something dark on the kitchen floor caught my eye. 

I froze. I stared at it. I couldn't comprehend what it was for a few seconds.

"OH MY GOSH WHAT THE CRAP" was all that I could yell out before I went running for the door.


A lizard.

In our kitchen.

Just chillin'.

I told Sister Lemon that I was not about to go near that lizard or catch that lizard or leave that lizard in the apartment as we went to our lunch appointment. Unfortunately for her, I had the car keys, so we weren't going anywhere until that lizard was gone. 

I'm a total weenie. I stood outside while Sister Lemon had the most epic battle with that lizard. At first we thought he was dead. Later we decided he was being possessed by the devil himself. He went from comatose to scurrying under the stove in about thirty seconds. after brushing him around with a broom. That little demon crawled literally into the bottom of the stove, and all I heard for the next ten minutes was banging and scratching as Sister Lemon tried to dislodge him.

Eventually she did, and that jerk ran straight under a giant hutch which we could barely move. Twenty minutes later, we had somehow maneuvered it just enough that Sister Lemon could manhandle the lizard out from under the hutch (he was clawing at the carpet for dear life) and shove him into an empty Christmas popcorn can.

Then we took him to the far side of the orchard and unceremoniously dumped him into a ravine.

That's probably the most exciting story I have this week. My new comp, Sister Mortensen, is a gem. She's a Sister Training Leader, which means I'm in for a lot of exchanges this transfer. But you know what's great? Sister Lemon gets to come on exchanges back to Vista on Friday! It's so funny. Sister Lemon is companions with my trainer, Sister Saxton (we all just laughed at transfers) and my companion is their STL! So I get to go on exchanges with two old companions this transfer!

It's going to be great.
Baby Chalk made us cookies because her parents are out of town (we live in their backyard, remember?) and I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures this week, so. Shout-out to Baby Chalk!

We've met some great people this week and had a lot of great lessons. Sister Mortensen really knows how to get stuff done! I'm excited for the transfer ahead, and hopefully for some baptisms!
Here's an oldie. Shout-out to Emily, who knows how to have all the fun. :)

Sister B