This Side of 9 Months

Monday, March 24, 2014 0 Comments

This past week has been full to the brim with last-minute stressful things and yet here I am, alive, on the other side of things. Just goes to show that God really is behind this work.

Other than all of the stress, it's been a splendid week! I feel like my brain is finally clicking into gear, in a way that it hasn't for months and months. Maybe it's all that Chinese food I ate.

We had a zone training meeting last week, which was cool. We also had a YSA missionary conference for all of the missionaries currently serving in YSA wards, which we were asked sort of last-minute to give a training in. I was a wee bit stressed, but honestly I enjoy teaching, even if it has to be in front of my mission president. I think our training went well, as does my companion, which is good.

On Saturday we had another YSA barbecue, which was another success. The great part about working in YSA is that you get to attend really fun activities and eat s'mores until you're a bit sick. That obviously would never happen to me, but my companion fell prey to it and I felt bad for her.

 St. Patrick's Day cheer!

 I found a New Jersey! 

A daily occurrence in California.

On Sunday we were asked to cover for the Gospel Principles teacher last minute, which for some reason was a lot more stressful to me than doing a training in front of fellow missionaries and my mission president. I survived that as well, however, and am alive to tell the tale.

Can you all believe that I am halfway through my mission? I am still thinking about that. My 9 month mark was last Wednesday. A true hump day! Now this sister is looking at you from the other side of halfway. 

Don't fret, I'm not getting trunky. 9 months is a LOT of time to do missionary work. I still have tons to do and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Not when I get to see people like Wardell get baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and now hold the Aaronic priesthood! There's nothing better than that.

Sister B