March Madness

Thursday, March 20, 2014 0 Comments

1. No, not basketball. Weather. Southern California is a bucket of crazy. It was 90 on Sunday. 90! March is out of control here.
2. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you're wearing green. You know I am!
 Spotted this in the cereal aisle of Walmart last week. Happy St. Paddy's from one evil leprechaun.
This week has been full of ups and downs, adventures and mishaps, as usual. We've attended awesome-possum YSA get-togethers (s'mores are wonderful!) and laughed with the old ladies during a Relief Society Birthday dinner.

Sometimes we stop by Sonic and watch a kid get busted for drugs and interrogated by some official-looking guys with big ol' badges (the cops were there too).

Sometimes I stall our automatic transmission car in the middle of the street and have to pull over to regain my dignity.

A typical day of adventure: Sister B trying to interpret text messages while Sister M tries to get over the well-meaning backhand she received from a 3 year old.
Sometimes we celebrate Pi Day with delicious oreo pie. Sometimes we are driving home with two slices of pie on my lap and come upon a DUI stop in the middle of a road. My companion is freaking out (she keeps her wallet in the trunk... Who does that??) as we drive past pairs of police officers and I'm just smiling and waving at everyone, trying to keep the pie from spilling. The officer on the driver's side is being super serious with my companion, and watches her like a hawk as she goes to the trunk to get her driver's license. Meanwhile, I'm chatting with the officer on my side about Pi Day and why we have fried chicken in the back seat (dinner leftovers). 

Pi Day pie with one of our favorite adventurers, Courtney.
Sometimes we hear great stories. "A bunch of foul-smelling, dirty angels got off their night shift and came down to help me," said one member of our Sunday School class, talking about an impossible workload after a 24-hour shift, and the miracle of answered prayers.

Sometimes we feel bad about ourselves in the morning but then feel the pure love of Christ and the day actually gets better instead of the usual worse.

Things are getting better over here. I hope March is a month of improvements for you as well. I promise that the winter will end and give way to growth and goodness. 

That's what California has come to mean to me. In the midst of winter (sorry about the snow, East Coast) I have found an invincible summer. It's been here that I have found faith and hope, and that means more to me than all of the sunshine in California.

And the greatest part is that I can bottle this faith up and bring it with me wherever I am, unlike the summer sun or the 75 degree paradise that I currently enjoy. 

I love you! I really, really do. I love knowing that despite how I feel about myself and my work, I am loved and appreciated by others. That's what everyone yearns for. I am so lucky to have so much support.

XOXO from sunny California.

Sister B