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What a week this has been! We finished the last of our exchanges this week, which means that I will get to put my roots down for the last two weeks of the transfer. It's a really nice feeling.
Our last exchange with the Palomar sisters!

 Apparently it's "Love Your Companion" week in our mission.

I was back at the Palomar Institute on Wednesday night, which meant another awfully big, fun adventure with the Palomar YSA ward members. Then on Friday I was in another family ward in Vista, which was awesome. I got kissed by my boyfriend (a llama named Salt) and talked to my friend Danny about his mother's Pinocchio collection.
Last p-day's zone activity: optimists only.

Just your average froyo adventure with some of my favorite YSA ladies.

My boyfriend, Salt.
The highlight of the week, by far, was General Conference. I can't wait until the talks are available to read online so I can go back and revisit some of my favorite talks. I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk and Elder Bednar's talk on Sunday morning. Something that really struck me from Pres. Uchtdorf's talk was his focus on being grateful in difficult circumstances. That's something that I really need to work on, I think. "How much of life will we spend waiting for the rainbow before we are grateful for the rain?"
One of the sisters in our zone made delicious cinnamon rolls before the Sunday morning session of conference.
What about you? If you missed any sessions of conference, they are all available to watch online. In a few days, they will be available to read and print out. General Conference is a wonderful opportunity to receive personal revelation from God through his mouthpieces, the leaders of this church. Find time to watch what you missed or rewatch some of your favorite talks. It will help to bring back that same spirit you felt the first time!

I hope we can all follow through with the invitation that Elder Ballard extended to reach out to those around us and share the Gospel more than just once a year. That's my invitation to you, as well: pray to be able to find one person this week or this month or this season that has been prepared by God to hear your testimony. It takes a lot of courage, but I know that as you step out in faith Heavenly Father will give you opportunities to share the Gospel and innumerable blessings for being a disciple of Christ.

Sister B