Another Week, Another Adventure

Sunday, August 03, 2014 0 Comments

Hello friends.

We've had a most splendid of weeks here in San Marcos. I went on two exchanges this week: one with the other Sister Broadbent (whom we lovingly call B2) and one with The Berglar (Sister Berg)! I can tell I'm getting old when I actually enjoy going on exchanges. Alas, that's the case! I really love being able to be with different sisters and get to know them better.

B and B2.
We also had a huge stake event on Saturday called the July Jubilee. I was posted in the snow cone cave, where I scooped snow cones for people for three hours straight! Needless to say my back is still a little bit sore, but I actually had a lot of fun scooping and making snow out of ice cubes. 

We got to see my favorite girls, Taylor and Kacey, this week! I was so surprised when they asked if we were going to talk about Adam and Eve, like we had said last time. Kids are so smart! Did everyone but me already know that? I lovelovelove teaching Taylor and Kacey because they are so open and willing to experiment upon the things we ask them to do. No wonder Christ commanded us to be as little children!

And to top it all off, we played with Max, Michael's huge Bullmastiff. Seriously, Max is the size of a small pony! It's a good thing he's sweet, otherwise I'd probably be terrified of him.

You can't tell from this picture, but Max is HUGE! It took two hands to restrain the dude.
I love this article from the July Ensign"Becoming Perfect in Christ". It helped me to realize that a lot of my struggles as a missionary stemmed from my own perfectionism and lack of understanding of the Atonement, not because of a lack of skill or testimony on my part. If you're prone to perfectionism (like me), please read this talk! 

As always, I LOVE YOU! Can you believe that it's almost August? Where did the summer go??

Sister B