MTC Remix

Thursday, July 24, 2014 0 Comments

I don't know if you remember this. I hardly do and I was there. This ^ is the MTC over a year ago.

^This is San Marcos a few days ago.

Basically, what I'm saying is that my new companion is actually one of my very first companions: Sister Cavaretta. Can you believe it?? I've had ANOTHER companion repeat! Sister C is awesome and I am so excited to be her companion.

I feel like I'm being trained to be a General Authority's wife, because this will be my third Sister Training Leader companion on my mission. That means exchanges, exchanges, exchanges. I don't mind, though, because the sisters we are exchanging with are awesome and so is Sister C. :)

We've had a great week this week. We set a baptismal date with Lisa for her birthday, September 28th. We also visited a lot of members and boy, Sister C fits right in. She's already secured a place in the TOV ward family. The members of the ward love her, I love her, and our investigators love her. What more could you hope for in a companion?

We helped Michael's mom with some painting, and of course messiness ensued.
I'm really excited for the upcoming transfer and all of the great things we are going to accomplish. I love this work so much! I love that Heavenly Father knew how being a missionary would change my life. I love being able to learn more about the teachings of the Savior and strengthen my testimony of Him, because that is the core of what I share with others.

If you are a looking for an all-inclusive way to be a better missionary, study the scriptures. Learn about the Gospel every morning. Say prayers that mean something. As you strengthen your relationship with God, He will strengthen your weaknesses and help you achieve your worthy goals.

This is the secret life of a Southern California missionary.
I love you all! Thanks for everything that you do to help me out here in the field.

Sister B