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Let's just cut right to the chase.

Victor's baptism was INCREDIBLE! We had it on Saturday morning and were afraid that people wouldn't be able to make it because it was in the morning. We went super early and set up chairs and got ready. At around 8:30 the pianist and her husband came in, and we practiced for our freaking special musical number that I was terrified about.

Oh yeah, did I tell you that I sang a verse of "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" all by myself?

Yeah. That happened.

But before that happened, we watched the people come in. And keep coming. And keep coming. We snagged Victor and his family for some pictures, and when we came back in the room was full! Someone counted and said that there were at least 60 people there. So unexpected and so amazing!

Then we sang our special musical number. It was Sister Saxton, Sister Halling (Sister Saxton's trainer) and I and man was I nervous. I was the only one with no vocal training up there, but I sang my little heart out anyway and every told us that it was great, so I guess I believe them. ;)

It was kind of intimidating, not only because of the amount of people, but because our mission president and his wife were sitting on the front row, staring at us the whole time. I love President and Sister Kendrick, but practically singing a solo in front of your mission president and his wife? Scary!

Anyway, it was just an amazing, amazing baptism, and I'm not just saying that. The Spirit was palpable in the room; I think that everyone cried at least once. Except for me. My missionary tear ducts of steel wouldn't let it happen.

Victor and his family at his baptism.
We had a zone training meeting yesterday, which was great as well. President Kendrick was there, and he told the entire zone the story about our lesson with Victor. My companion and I were kind of embarrassed, but apparently he's been telling that story all over the place, so I guess this means that I'm famous in the Carlsbad mission.

The Sisters (and Hermanas) of the Temecula Zone.
This is a short one, but I've got to wrap up. For all of you family and friends who have written or emailed me, THANK YOU! If I haven't responded to you, feel free to yell at me. I think I'm all caught up on responses, for now! Also, thank you for all of your prayers! I love being a missionary, but man is it hard. I need your prayers, that's for sure.

Love you all! If you're preparing to serve a mission, keep doing what you're doing! There is no greater work than bringing souls to Jesus Christ. As a missionary, you see miracles every single day. You can do hard things! You can do things that you never imagined you could do, like giving a talk you had half an hour to prepare for or singing in front of a group of people. If I can do it, I know that you can too. :)


Sister B

P. S. More pictures because I love you.

I got engaged. Just kidding, I'm a missionary. But I thought it was funny.
 Oh, and Cambria, the three year old we live with, loves taking pictures with us. Can't you tell? :)