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Can you believe it? Another week has already passed. I hope that you week was fantastic!

First of all, I got 3 PACKAGES this week.




I have never felt more spoiled/blessed in my life. Seriously! You wouldn't think that mail would be a big deal, but it can be a game-changer for the whole week. And packages?? Man, just one is a guaranteed cloud of happiness for at least a day or two.

To all of you who didn't send me a package, it's okay. I love you anyway. You don't need to buy my love with a package or letter! But, you know, if the Spirit ever moves you to drop me a line, listen to that prompting. Okay? ;)

So, this week has been pretty exciting, besides the packages. We went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders from Wednesday night to Thursday. Hermana Lithgoe and I stayed in French Valley and did some work, while my companion went to Vista and tried to pretend she knew Spanish for 24 hours. It was scary to be in charge of the area for a day, but I think I did all right! I can't imagine how I'll survive when I'm done with my 12 week training.

Then on Friday we had Zone Conference, which was awesome. I probably sound like such a sister missionary, saying "awesome" and "amazing" and "fantastic" all the time, but it's just because life here is all of those things! Granted, it's not "perfect," and it's not "easy," but it is sooo great.

Zone Conference: let's see if I can break it down. You have your companionship, which covers an area/ward. Your companionship is part of a district, which covers a larger area, somewhere between a ward and a stake. And then you have your zone, which covers at least a stake. There are probably anywhere between 10 and 15 companionships per zone. So when you have zone conference, you have multiple zones meeting together.

It's the greatest! We got to spend a lot of Friday listening to the Assistants to the President, President Kendrick, and doing trainings. We also had some sweet stake sisters feed us lunch (thank you, Temecula stake!) Basically you learn a lot, feel a lot, and come away feeling so full of new knowledge and excitement for the work.

I hope that all of you reading this get to experience that, even if you don't plan on serving a mission or aren't LDS at all. It's such a great feeling to carry around with you throughout your week!

Other than that, we've just been working, trying to keep up with the elders in our ward. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that our area was getting split and we were getting another set of elders. Well, their names are Elder Schrade and Elder Rivers, and they're great! They came into the area on fire, and are working so hard to find people to teach! It really motivates me to be a better missionary knowing that we've got such great examples of diligent, obedient, hard-working elders working alongside us in the French Valley ward.

As always, thanks for your support! It means the world to both my companion and I. Missions are so hard. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. High school was easy. College was easy. Everything I've ever done seems so easy compared to being a missionary.

But despite all of our setbacks and weaknesses, Heavenly Father is always watching out for you when you're a missionary. He blesses you even when you don't deserve it. He gives you opportunities that you couldn't receive through your own work. I am so grateful for the knowledge that God is directing my path continually!


Sister B


-Sister Saxton, Cambria, and Sister B being crazy on Sunday. Isn't Cam just the cutest?

-Sometimes you go to Salvation Army on p-day and look at all of the crazy trinkets there. Anybody in the mood for a creepy jester mug?

-My companion made me wear a crazy headband and one of our lovely ward missionaries told me I looked like a pumpkin. He was right, actually.

-A little taste of East Coast in the best of forms: cream soda.

P. S. Don't worry, p-day hasn't changed again! We just switched to Tuesday because Labor Day was Monday. Hope you weren't worried!