Aloha from California!

Monday, September 09, 2013 0 Comments

Aloha from California!

A little update about me.

I am hot all of the time. It's been over 100 degrees almost every day for a month. I don't know if I am dead or dying or what, but I am in some state of death when I have to go outside.

My adventures:
1. Winco. Where they have pasta in barrels.

2. Baby avocados. I just about cry when I see anything in miniature.

3. Speaking of miniatures... Kittens. We have an army of strays in our neighborhood and one got pregnant and gave birth to the most adorable 5 kittens I have ever held.

4. Baptism! Not "ours," necessarily, but a fun one all the same. An eight-year old girl we love in our ward got baptized on Saturday, and she and the other little girl getting baptized that day asked us to sing "I Am A Child of God" with them during the program. Yes, everyone will assume that if you are a sister missionary, you can sing. I don't have any idea why. Be prepared.

5. Sister B the tattooed missionary. Just kidding. This is actually what happens when you get distracted during nightly planning.
6. Sometimes when you're driving to the library to email your friends and family, you pass a giant herd of sheep. I didn't realize that sheep were a thing in California, but they are.

I have to split! Just know that all is well here in the sunshiney-est place and that I am trying my best to be my best. When you're a missionary, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. You see all of the things that you can improve on and want to be better every day. It's really exhausting and sometimes disheartening, but mostly awesome. 99.9% awesome.

I love you! Keep prayin' for missionary work and don't be afraid to be a missionary right this very second.

Sister B


Just kidding. Missionary joke.

But isn't wine country great? So many cool buildings and... grapes. And desert. And stuff.