On to Transfer 3!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 0 Comments

First of all, I think the guy next to me has a mild form of Tourette's. He keeps mumbling curse words under his breath as he does whatever he is doing.

Isn't the world great? :)

I'm sure you're wondering what my fate is.

1. I am NOT training. Thank the heavens!
2. I'm staying here in French Valley!

Yep! Lucky girl that I am, I get another six weeks in the best ward in Temecula (sorry, everyone else). I am so excited about the work that is happening here and the people that we are meeting with! I've been very lucky to be trained here and to be able to start my mission off with some of the kindest, most open people in the whole wide world.

I have no idea who my next companion will be. We don't find out until transfer meeting tomorrow. For Sister Saxton, who is both training and going to a new area, this means that she has no idea where she is going and with who until we show up to transfers tomorrow. Yikes! She'll be great though, I just know it.

I'm pretty sad that Sister Saxton and I won't be companions anymore. When you're with someone every minute of the day, you get to know them really well, even if it's only for three months. She's one of my very special friends now and I'm just so glad that I've had the chance to meet her.

Anyway, upward and onward! We've spent the past few days making our rounds, saying goodbye to members of the ward for Sister Saxton. It's sort of weird for me, because I know I'll be staying at least for another transfer, but it's also fun to hang out with families that we love and say goodbye.

Last week after emailing, we went to Old Town Temecula to a place called Old Town Root Beer Company. There were at least 200 different kinds of root beer in that tiny, sweltering hot room. I, of course, picked the Olde Philadelphia brand, because hey, I'm always missing the East, and it was so good! Highly recommended.

Dang good root beer.
As always, we're working hard here in French Valley and doing what we can to be servants to the Lord and the people around us. Missionary work is like nothing else in the world. It's the most painful and the most rewarding work that you could ever do! If you have a chance to do it, do it! Be a missionary wherever you are.

Our district. It keeps growing and growing!

French Valley missionaries! As usual, the elders are weirdos.

Love always,
Sister B