Week 12

Monday, September 16, 2013 0 Comments

Everyone, I've made it. This is the last week of my 12-week training crash course! After this, I will be free to roam the earth (aka the Carlsbad mission) with companions young and old! Doesn't that sound exciting?

So basically, after this I could have a baby of my own to train up to be a righteous stripling warrior. Transfers are next Tuesday, but we find out Saturday night what will be happening next transfer. I'm trying not to think about it too much, because I might have a mental breakdown thinking about all that could change.

Here's the breakdown of the week:

1. Zone Training Meeting - Talk about an incredible experience. The beginning was slow (c'mon, it was a training on how to plan) but by 11:30 we were all hit hard by the Spirit. The zone leaders asked me the night before to prepare to share my brief testimony on why I was on a mission and the Savior, so I was thinking about that during the training. We talked about Jesus Christ and becoming the best people that we can be, and helping those we teach to do the same. At the end we left without talking to anyone and sat down in the car for about 10 minutes, letting the Spirit teach us and tell us what we needed to know. It was such a cool experience and I am so glad that I was able to go and partake of that spirit.

2. Banjo-playin' - No, I didn't play the banjo, but a member of our ward who had us over for dinner did. He was KILLER! I wish I could send you the video I took. Just look up Temeku Grass, which is one of his apparently many bands. Oh also, he was chief of police for a lot of years somewhere. And he's a black belt in karate. And his name is Brother Fetherolf and he's the coolest.

3. Sandy - I forgot to tell you about one of our new investigators! Her name is Sandy and she is one of the sweetest women on this earth. She's almost 70 and, on top of her many health problems, lost her husband last Christmas. She's the aunt of a member in our ward, which is how we met her. We absolutely love teaching her! She is so ready to receive this gospel. I just hope we can show her how much God loves her and is waiting for her to see the truth!

4. Service Saturday - So, it wasn't on purpose, but we spent almost the full day on Saturday providing service for others. We did everything from help at a garage sale to running the food and drink table at a blood drive to doing yard work for some women in the ward. I have to admit, it was sort of nice to wear pants almost all day. :)

Me and my buddy Austin, who bleeds by example, apparently.

We were putting down sod and then there was a hose involved and we got pretty wet.
5. Mexicans - I have two stories about Mexicans, so I decided to group them. Yesterday was stake conference, which was pretty awesome. After conference, we were talking to the hermanas and they invited us to eat lunch with them. Two women from the Spanish branch had made the most delicious tostadas and taquitos and although I was terrified because the words that were spoken were 99% Spanish, I ate so so much. Nothing beats Mexican food.

And the night before, we went to Carolina's house, a recent convert from Tijuana. She was throwing a birthday party for her granddaughter, and the whole family was there. Her husband is Filipino, and he cooked this delicious Filipino food, which we ate with Mexican jello pie and cake and ice cream. Carolina is trying to make me fat, so she gave me double the food she gave my companion. I was almost crying, I was so full. But it was SO good!

This is a Mexican party hat. My Little Pony or bust!

Anyway, I love you all! Next week, I will know my fate for the next six weeks. Scary! Say prayers for me and send me hugs and kisses.

Press forward! There is so much joy to be found in working hard for our Heavenly Father.


Sister B