Strength in Christ

Tuesday, March 04, 2014 0 Comments

What a wonderful week I have had! We had the awesome, incredible, always-fantastic opportunity to attend the San Diego temple on Wednesday. Going to the temple is like stepping into a ray of eternal sunshine. Whenever you are searching for peace, comfort, or inspiration, go to the temple. Even the temple grounds are hallowed. I wish we had a temple in our mission boundaries so I could spend time just sitting on temple grounds, reflecting.
San Diego temple!
Salt and Pepper, as Sister M likes to say.
 Aren't we such a cute couple?
We drove on the 101 after visiting the temple, which means that WE SAW THE OCEAN! This is a big deal for missionaries in a coastal mission who aren't allowed to go on the beach. Made us dream of future days when we'll be able to come back and actually enjoy things like the beach and Disneyland. :)

Yeah. The Pacific Ocean.
We also found out that our investigator, Wardell, is finally able to get baptized! WOOHOO! His baptism is scheduled for next Sunday, and I swear, I've never seen the guy smile wider than he has since his baptismal interview. He's been waiting for over two years to be able to be baptized. I'm so blessed to be here to support him in this big step.

Yesterday, Sunday, was Testimony meeting. Once a month, during our first meeting, our congregations get together and share their testimonies of Jesus Christ and this Gospel with each other. It's always a wonderful meeting, but yesterday in our family ward was especially strengthening for me.

Sister Ong, a courageous, hilarious woman in our ward, has been battling with pancreatic cancer for the last few months or so. Recently her condition worsened, and it's coming to a point where the prognosis is no longer hopeful. Despite all of this she has been battling like the warrior she is, and we've tried to knit together and help her as a ward family the best that we can.

Still, we are all starting to face the imminent fact that Sister Ong might not be with us for much longer. This Sunday, she bore her testimony to us. She was the last testimony given in the meeting. She sat in the front row with her husband and family, looking small and frail in her wheelchair. 

She stood with her husband at her side and bore the sweetest testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. She told us of her faith in Him and of all that she has learned from her experiences with cancer. I cried as she testified that God loves all of us, no matter how weak we are. From tiny Sister Ong, the wife of a former mission president in the Hong Kong mission, the courageous immigrant from China who taught us all more about the great depths of the Savior's love, I have learned to lose myself in service. As much as she has been able, Sister Ong has been focused on others.

Even as she stood and bore her testimony, her belly swollen with cancerous fluids, she told us jokes and how much she loves us. She said that sometimes she wakes up with her swollen stomach that looks almost pregnant and says, "good morning! now, are you a boy or a girl?"

That's Sister Ong. Witty. Intelligent. Strong. Charitable. Always serving to her fullest capacity.

I love Sister Ong. I love the strength that the gospel gives us in the face of hardship. I loved the testimony of Brother Ong as he shared the tiny miracles that let him know that God is aware of him and his situation. I loved the testimonies of the other members of our congregation, who all have found strength in Christ and His love for us.

And that's why this week has been awesome. I have been uplifted, edified, and seen miracles every step of the way.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Sister B