LIVE! from San Marcos

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 0 Comments

Hello from San Marcos! I'm basically a hop, skip, and a jump away from Vista, but it feels very different. Maybe it's because we have two college campuses in town, so there's loads more shopping and everything seems like it was built within the last 15 years.

A high school that Hollywood will probably film a movie at.

They're so creative with street names here.
The craziness, however, is not that I just scooted a town over, or that I doubled-in to this area (or whitewashing, or moving into an area that neither you nor your comp have ever served in and you are going off of the notes that the previous missionaries kept and nothing else) but the fact that...

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^this is real life. Mama and Baby are back again! For whatever magical reason, President Kendrick made Sister Saxton and I companions again. It's really rare for you to be companions with a previous companion, let alone your trainer. We truly must be a match made in heaven!

We are loving life here in SM. The ward we serve in hasn't had missionaries in a long time, so they get so excited when they realize that we are serving in their ward. We've already received 3 referrals and promises for more in the future.
My good friend, Brother Jezek, at his baptism/confirmation/priesthood ordination. This man is the! And if you ever have questions about indexing, ask him. He's obsessed!

Our friend Bo; full name, Little Bo Peep.

Pinball wizard!
Mormon Helping Hands!
The adventures are rolling in and we are having a great time getting to know the people and the area here. And thank heavens that the elders who lived in our apartment before us know how to use cleaning supplies. :)

Sister B


Things that Elders leave in Apartments