The Power Couple

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 0 Comments

So, transfers are tomorrow, and guess what? Sister Saxton and I aren't going! That's right, the Dream Team, The Power Couple (as our ward members have started to call us) is going strong for another transfer. By the end of next transfer, Sister Saxton and I will have been with each other for 6 months. That's 1/3 of our entire mission! If this wasn't a friendship made in heaven, I'm not sure what is.

This week we've been on a lot of adventures. My favorite adventure was watching Al, my favorite person from The Netherlands, get baptized on Saturday night. He was so happy, you couldn't help but be happy too when you looked at him. Our musical number went well, thank goodness, and we were able to get it over with before the baptism so we could actually enjoy the rest of the experience.

Al's baptism!
I also ran into the Mayers, some of my best friends from Vista. Sister Mayer, my old ward's Relief Society president, teaches clogging to some of the girls in this ward, and there was a Primary talent show on Saturday that they performed in. Brother and Sister Mayer were there, and I was there, and I was able to catch up with them and bask in the old Vista glow. 

My happy reunion with the Mayers.
We had Memorial Day ward breakfast adventures, meeting new investigators adventures, and getting hit in the face adventures.

We just found a Rita's in our area!! A JERSEY GIRL'S DREAM

Acting out "Nephi goes to get the brass plates". I was Laman and Lemuel, obviously.

...Okay, that was just me. We were at a dinner appointment with the elders, sitting out in the backyard enjoying some burgers. The younger son of the family, a budding baseball star, was hitting a baseball with a heavy duty cardboard tube. 

I asked for it. When I got into the backyard and saw him kicking a soccer ball across the yard, I said "Don't hit me in the face, okay? I always get hit in the face."

So there's the ten year old baseball star, trying to grand slam his baseball with a tube. 

He swings, and the tube breaks on contact. The end piece, a good 6 inches long, flies across the table, barely missing the back of Elder Daniel's head, and smacks me in the jaw.

Sister Saxton goes, "Oh my gosh! Did you just see that? Good thing it didn't hit anyone."

I slowly turn toward her.

"Actually, it hit me."

I had a huge pink streak across the side of my face. My eyes started to water.

While my companion and the elders tried not to cry from their laughter, I held my lemonade glass up to my cheek and smiled. My left eye didn't stop watering the whole dinner.

The moral of the story is: when you ask for adventures, you'll get them. Just be prepared. They might not be the type of adventure you had in mind.

Wherever you go, you are guaranteed to find a cat eventually.
So here's to another transfer in San Marcos, another musical number at a baptism completed, and another adventurous week for the history books.

This is Sister B, over and out.

Sister B