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Sunday, July 13, 2014 1 Comments

You know, I've never been a patriotic person. I'm not really sure why. I don't like wearing red, white, and blue, and I don't own anything that says "USA" on it. But when you're a missionary I guess you get a better perspective on things, and so this 4th of July I went ALL OUT (well, as much as a missionary can). And guess what? It was fun! I had an American flag bow in my hair and wore red, white, and blue, and I wasn't ashamed! We didn't see any fireworks, unfortunately, because missionaries have to be in at 9pm, but it felt like a successful Independence Day anyway. :)

One of the three or four barbecues we crashed that day.

Yep, I was pretty patriotic that day.
This week we taught a lot of wonderful people. One of my favorites, Angie, is getting baptized this Saturday! We are so so excited for her. I love how dedicated she is to the Lord and how much she wants her family to be together. I know that joining this church will help her reach her goals!

We also started teaching a pair of sisters, Taylor and Kacey. They're 9 and 8, respectively, and some of the best kids I've ever met. They love going to church with their grandma and praying to God. They are so darn sweet! They always want to meet with us right away after we've met with them. Teaching children requires a pretty different teaching style, but I actually like it a lot. We stick to the basics and get to use fun, "sister missionary" visuals to help illustrate what we're teaching.

Taylor and Kacey, my girls. :)
That was my week, in a nutshell! I got to see the Mayers, friends from my Vista days, which was a blast. I love being able to spend time with them and catch up. Sister Mayer teaches dance to some of the girls in the ward, and so we saw each other at a 4th of July family barbecue. It was awesome!

The Mayers!
I hope you all had a great week! I love being able to look back on my week and recognize the hand of God in it. I know that it's because I'm putting forth my best effort to dedicate time to serving Him by serving His children. That's what true Christianity is all about! (Watch this Mormon Message about it!)
I love you all! Thanks for keeping me in your hearts and prayers.
Sister B

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  1. Just found your adorable blog! I'm waiting for my call right now! Happy 4th!