Turning Californian (10/14)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 0 Comments

What a week, what a week! We began with our advance showing of "Meet the Mormons," which was, of course, AMAZING! I loved not only being able to see all of my missionary friends from all over the mission, but being able to have that experience of sitting in a giant theater packed with missionaries and watching an uplifting movie with them. I loved "Meet the Mormons" because it wasn't preachy and it wasn't "in your face." It just shared the lives of six different people and how their faith in Jesus Christ is a part of their lives. 

Meet the Mormons!
Later in the week, we got to get to know our Relief Society president, Sister Smith. She's a humanities professor, so obviously she's one of the coolest ladies I've met! ;) I was able to pick her brain a little bit about her profession, because it's something that I've been thinking about pursuing.

On Friday night we helped set up for a Sisters Retreat that our Relief Society did. It's also called a "Super Saturday:" basically, a day of crafts, lunch, and sisterhood. That was so much fun! Sister Jones and I were able to help out with a service project and make hats for Angel Outfitters.

The MTC district reunites! Those turds made us sisters kneel on the floor... :P

This is what happens every time we get a 10 on our apartment clean checks. :)
Of course, we also try to cross paths with the ocean as much as possible... How wonderful it is to be so close. I never realized just what an effect the ocean has on me. There's no better therapy than listening to the waves, I promise. (Do I sound like a Californian yet?)
Surfers at sunset. People flock to the ocean every sunset to watch it go down.
We ate freshly caught lobsters... Her name was Edna.
Living the rad life!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! I am always so happy when I get sweet letters and emails from you. :)

Sister B

Last week:

Oh yeah, there was a few days there where we had a third companion, Sister Farr. She was my other MTC companion, bringing the number of recycled companions up to 3 for my mission! How crazy is that?

Seriously. The ocean at sunset. It doesn't get any better.