God is in the Details (9/8)

Saturday, September 20, 2014 0 Comments

I just had something else written out to send to all of you today, and I went on to lds.org to find a good talk to link you all to.

On the front page, I saw the smiling face of one of my very good friends. I haven't stopped smiling since.

A freshly baptized Brother Jezek. :)
He's one of my favorite members of my Vista family. When I met Brother Jezek, he was working on being re-baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He would sit on the side of the classroom in Gospel Principles and pipe up with comments that I think I've shared with you a few times. I love the way he explains things.

I've never seen a man's life change more quickly. Like he explains in the video, Brother Jezek was able to feel the spirit through indexing, or making images of records available as searchable content by transcribing them. I had honestly never heard of indexing until I heard about it from Brother Jezek.

Brother Jezek's baptism, which I had the opportunity to teach at, was something I will never forget. The Spirit was so powerfully present as that man, who had worked so hard to overcome addictions and his past, was able to enter the waters of baptism once again and be reunited with the church he had come to love so much. What a blessing to see such joy in being baptized!

Isn't it amazing how true this gospel is? That something as simple as transcribing information from photographs can lead to the changing of a life? Brother Jezek is living proof of that! The Spirit of God is present in every aspect of God's work, even the seemingly mundane details. Never underestimate the power of the Spirit on a willing heart.

My week has been long, but putting it into the eternal perspective, worth it. We've had a lot of meetings and the beginning of our exchanges, and that was all pretty stressful. Having made it through, I can appreciate the opportunity to push past my own comfort in order to do the work of the Lord.

Hanging out with Asians = Pikachu hats.
Getting in touch with my chakras or something.
My favorite drawing of a missionary.
I love all of you! I hope that, if anything, we can all get a little bit more of the eternal perspective into our lives this week. I know that I will be trying extra hard to see situations, and especially people, as God sees them.

Sister B