It's All Good!

Sunday, October 05, 2014 0 Comments

Life in Carlsbad is a little bit different than what I've experienced in any of my previous wards. Temecula was...well, Temecula. The suburban desert. Mini-Utah in some parts, even. 

Vista was my hood. Strangely diverse, from the hill-dwellers to the mini-Mexico apartments, there was a lot to be done and always something to do in the young single adult ward. San Marcos was like a cross between Vista and Temecula, newer and nicer in most parts with some desert-y outskirts where the coyotes roamed. Needless to say, it's awesome to be the first sisters in a ward that hasn't had any for years.

And now, Carlsbad. I'm still not quite sure what to make of it. It's a good-sized city with lots of diversity. It's right on the coast, which is new. The humidity here is almost on New Jersey's level! ;) There are a lot more Audis and Lexuses here than I've seen before (it takes a lot to afford to live right on the coast) but the people are actually kinder, in general, than most.

I see the Pacific every day. It's awesome. There aren't a lot of people to teach right now, which is less awesome, but we're working on it. The price of living in a higher-income community is more complacency, which is the enemy of missionary work. 
Well, everyone, looks like I have finally joined the Priesthood ranks.
"It's All Good," the mantra of the coastal Californian, is probably the epitome of Carlsbad. If you're here, you're solid. The weather is perfect, the beach is 10mins away or less, you're living in a nice place with shopping close by. Good golly is it hard to find people who want to learn more about an all-encompassing, life-changing gospel when they are more than happy going with the current flow of their life.
Things you find under doormats while you are tracting... 
But hey, it's all good! ;) Life goes on and missionary work goes on. There are people in every area that are being prepared to receive our message; we just need to find them. I am bound and determined to find someone to teach while I am here.

When your hair is too short to be fancy but too long to be left alone... The Samurai, aka The Atom Bomb, aka The You-Look-Like-A-Fool.
I've starting to notice myself flagging a little bit, spiritually, and that's never good. Luckily, General Conference is this weekend. Let me just tell you: GENERAL CONFERENCE IS AWESOME

It's the Superbowl weekend for missionaries everywhere! Getting hours to listen and absorb messages from the leadership of this church, as well as get a spiritual recharge that keeps you boosted for weeks, is priceless.

So enjoy conference this weekend. Don't go too crazy on the potlucks and the song break snacks. If you've got a free 10 minutes, >watch this Mormon Message<. This is dedicated to all moms, dads, student-athletes, artists, professionals, missionaries, or just anyone who feels like they don't have enough time in their day (and that's all of us). 

I love you all! I can't wait to tell you all about my favorite Conference highlights next week. :)

Sister B